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10 Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Summer A Breeze

Keep your drinks cool and your fruits fresh.

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29 July 2017

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video credit: householdhacker/YouTube

If you’re experiencing the sweltering Dubai heat these days, the last thing you want to be doing is standing in the kitchen, cutting veggies and chopping fruits while sweating your hair off. And that’s when the pool party is about to begin.

Most summer party dishes like salads, pasta, and BBQ grills require a lengthy prep process that leaves you unnecessarily tired to enjoy the final meal. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Even the best chefs rely on their tried-and-tested shortcuts to minimise cooking preparations and keep their dishes flavourful for longer.

If you’re looking for some useful summer to keep your drinks cooler and your fruits fresher, watch this video by YouTube channel, HouseholdHackers.

From peeling a pineapple in seconds to freezing juice boxes for an instantly frozen dessert, these are the best kitchen hacks to try this summer.