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This Mutton Chops Dish Is The Perfect Addition To Your Eid Dinner Menu

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21 August 2017

Mutton Chop Masala

These days, 2 billion Muslims around the world are prepping up for Eid-Al-Adha, a festival of sacrifice that celebrates the spirit of gratitude, humanity and of course good food.

On Eid-Al-Adha, it’s a known tradition in families to feast on gourmet dishes full of meaty deliciousness. From smoky lamb kebabs to beef steaks and mutton pilov – food rules every conversation.

In case you’re looking to add some easy yet exotic taste to you Eid dinner menu, try your hands at mutton chops.

10 Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Summer A Breeze

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29 July 2017

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10 Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Summer A Breeze

If you’re experiencing the sweltering Dubai heat these days, the last thing you want to be doing is standing in the kitchen, cutting veggies and chopping fruits while sweating your hair off. And that’s when the pool party is about to begin.

Most summer party dishes like salads, pasta, and BBQ grills require a lengthy prep process that leaves you unnecessarily tired to enjoy the final meal. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Even the best chefs rely on their tried-and-tested shortcuts to minimise cooking preparations and keep their dishes flavourful for longer.

How To Cook Perfect Restaurant-Style French Fries

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24 June 2017

How To Cook Perfect Restaurant-Style French Fries

Bad days are best forgotten over a hot basket of French fries.

These heavenly deep-fried potatoes are God's way of telling his chosen people to kick back and have some unapologetic FUN.

Although the origin of the fry is somewhat of a mystery (they’re definitely not French), their presence in the culinary world is a fine example of quintessential fast food. From the smallest take-outs to Michelin-star restaurants, there’s hardly any place that can survive without them.

9 LEGIT Ways To Make Watermelon Fun This Summer

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1 May 2017

9 Ways to cut a watermelon

Before you frown at the idea of eating watermelon any way other than straight from the juicy wedge — think of your pretty dress.

We’ve all been there; lost in those juicy fresh bites — only to realise the dripping mess we’ve created for ourselves. These big water lugs of pure summer deliciousness don't come in easy. But all the effort that goes into cutting, peeling and dressing is SO worth the blast of hydration. Eating watermelon is basically like drinking water (almost 92% anyways). Each juicy bite is filled with in potassium, vitamin C and beta-carotene.

This Desi Carrot Pudding Is Going To Be Your Reason For Happiness

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29 April 2017

Gajar Ka Halwa

As you can see, there is A LOT of carrots involved in this heavenly looking pudding but don’t get any wrong assumptions — this dessert is strictly not for those who’re counting their carbs. Gajar Ka Halwa (carrot pudding) is one of the most drooled-over desserts of the subcontinent. It’s not just a sweet but a tradition that instantly makes thousands of Indians and Pakistanis homesick.

19 Food Hacks That You Should Have Seen Sooner

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29 April 2017

Life saving food hacks

You may be a decent chef who knows his/her way around different knives. You might even have one or two cookbooks that you occasionally rely on to impress your guests plus, several of your favourite recipe websites are bookmarked and apps downloaded.

But does that mean you don’t need to learn a few hacks? Of course not. There is nothing such as too much knowledge and that rule applies to kitchen fixes too.

30 Cooking Substitutes To Make Eating Healthy A Lot Easier

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29 April 2017

Healthier cooking substitutes

Healthy eating is the buzzword of 2017; so naturally — anything that has the word diet, detox or gluten-free grabs instant attention.

But before you turn your pantry into a self-created torture cell OR jump onto any unreliable fad diet, take a moment and give your daily food intake a flashback. There must have been at least 10 instances where you could have avoided the extra calories — by simply making a healthy choice. For instance:

This Is How You Skin A Watermelon Like a PRO

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25 April 2017

how to skin a watermelon

If there were a fashion magazine for summer fruits (cause, why not?) Watermelon would hands down — be on the cover page.

They have a great presence (yes, size matters), beautiful colour scheme and they’re totally Instagrammable. Not to forget, these mega-sized melons are rich in vitamins A and C and antioxidants such as lycopene.

The easiest way to eat a watermelon might be to dive right into a big slice with your hands but that’s not the only way.

The Best Fried Chicken You'll Ever Eat

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25 April 2017

Best Fried Chicken Recipe

OK — we admit. We have an OCD for fried chicken. But honestly, you tell us — is there any other food that makes you feel SO GOOD about being alive? We think not.

From three-layered buttermilk-dipped thighs to a mashed potatoes powder mixed batter — we’ve proudly tried ALMOST everything to prove our unabashed love. And we are not alone.

The genius chef Joel at Recipe30 is also a genuine fan of a good old- southern style fried chicken. His recipe (in the YouTube video above) is said to be the best-fried chicken recipe you will ever find.