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10 Best Oreo Recipes In Under 10 Minutes

Beyond twist, lick and dunk.

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24 June 2017

video credit: HowToCookThat/YouTube

If your love for Oreo has landed you into late-night guilt trips, we feel you.

There’s something SO appealing about the good’ ole feel of cream filled biscuits that you don’t realise how many you’ve gobbled till you find yourself licking the excess cream from the wrapper (admit it, we’ve all done that).

Although these cookies are delicious on their own, using them to make quick dessert just takes our Oreo-love to a whole new intensity level. If you're looking to drool or want some easy Oreo-flavored recipes to whip up, watch this video by famous YouTube chef, Ann Reardon for inspiration.

The best part? All her recipes take less than 10 minutes to prepare.