The Best Fried Chicken You'll Ever Eat |

The Best Fried Chicken You'll Ever Eat

There's a Joey in all of us.

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25 April 2017

video credit: Recip30/YouTube

OK — we admit. We have an OCD for fried chicken. But honestly, you tell us — is there any other food that makes you feel SO GOOD about being alive? We think not.

From three-layered buttermilk-dipped thighs to a mashed potatoes powder mixed batter — we’ve proudly tried ALMOST everything to prove our unabashed love. And we are not alone.

The genius chef Joel at Recipe30 is also a genuine fan of a good old- southern style fried chicken. His recipe (in the YouTube video above) is said to be the best-fried chicken recipe you will ever find.

Joel's version of fried chicken comes with a smokiness of the paprika, the popcorn like crunchy coating and the brined moist chicken thigh — the outcome looks downright food-gasmic!