This Is How You Skin A Watermelon Like a PRO |

This Is How You Skin A Watermelon Like a PRO

A perfect party prank!

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25 April 2017

video credit: MarkRober/YouTube

If there were a fashion magazine for summer fruits (cause, why not?) Watermelon would hands down — be on the cover page.

They have a great presence (yes, size matters), beautiful colour scheme and they’re totally Instagrammable. Not to forget, these mega-sized melons are rich in vitamins A and C and antioxidants such as lycopene.

The easiest way to eat a watermelon might be to dive right into a big slice with your hands but that’s not the only way.

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober posted this amazing hack video on YouTube that will give you a whole ripe watermelon in all its juicy glory — and that too in less than 10 minutes.

Once you’ve mastered Robert’s trick — it’s time to prank your guest. Watch the video to see how it’s done.