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5 Eid Cookies & Cakes SO Adorable You'll Forget The Main Course

Ready for some Pinterest DIY-ing this Eid Al Adha?

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24 August 2017

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Eid Al Adha cookies and cupcakes

Eid Al Adha – The Festival of Sacrifice is usually known for its spirit of gratitude, animal sacrifice and hearty red meat dishes.

The long preparation for lamb roasts, mutton ribs and beef curries usually leave little or no time for dessert and that’s something that doesn’t go well the kiddie-party. After all, the little ones aren’t interested in how long you slaved to marinade that lamb shank, all they care for is some sweet-tooth fun.

Below are some super adorable and easy Eid Al Adha recipes including cookies, cupcakes and frosted cakes recipes that look SO pretty, even adults would forget the main course.

1. White-Frosted Lamb Cake

This fluffy cake may look like a lot of hard work but really, it's all sugary white frosting with a strawberry jelly layered base.

Readymade fondant, gel food colouring, a sturdy cake base and piping supplies — you're set to impress with the dessert.

2. Oreo Sheeps Cookies

Anything with Oreos is already a hit. Turn store-bought Oreos into creative sheep cookies by using white chocolate as a coating.

Put on some tiny marshmallows for a furry effect. Add a chocolate head and ears and there you have it — a perfect treat to welcome your guests this Eid.

3. Black and White Sheep Macarons

Soft, fluffy and incredibly crispy, there's a reason why no one can just have one macaron. Filled with a dark chocolate ganache, these pretty-looking sheep macarons are instant crowd-pleasers.

4. Smooth Sheep Cake Pops

Everything tastes better when served on a stick, even desserts. Made with a basic cookie base and topped white and dark chocolate fondant — these sheep cake pops are love at first sight.

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5. Fluffy Lamb Cupcakes

If we could, we would probably preserve them as tiny little decor items on our shelves. But then again, who can resist looking at the smooth buttercream frosting and not eat it? Not us.