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How To Make Chef Gareth Ward’s Welsh Lamb

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4 February 2019

Chef Gareth Ward’s Welsh Lamb

Gareth Ward runs Ynyshir Restaurant and Rooms in Powys, named Best Restaurant in Wales at the National Restaurant Awards 2018 – so it’s fair to say, he knows his way around cooking Welsh lamb.

In this recipe, the lamb is served in two parts: Rib then loin. For the lamb rib portion, you’ll need a water bath. But if you haven’t got the kit, skip the rib and head straight for the lamb loin portion of the recipe, using the glaze from part one.

(Serves 4)

5 Amazing Ways To Add Strawberries To Your Eid Menu

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27 August 2017

Strawberry dish ideas for Eid-Al-Adha

Nothing can beat our chocolate addiction… Except our crush on strawberries.

In the medieval times, these little bright red berries were used to be the harbinger of spring and joy and the tradition continues till date. The strawberry season is currently in its full swing. They couldn’t be riper, juicier and sweeter and while we can happily snack them solo, these gorgeous babies deserve a centre place at our Eid-Al-Adha dinners.

5 Eid Cookies & Cakes SO Adorable You'll Forget The Main Course

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24 August 2017

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Eid Al Adha cookies and cupcakes

Eid Al Adha – The Festival of Sacrifice is usually known for its spirit of gratitude, animal sacrifice and hearty red meat dishes.

The long preparation for lamb roasts, mutton ribs and beef curries usually leave little or no time for dessert and that’s something that doesn’t go well the kiddie-party. After all, the little ones aren’t interested in how long you slaved to marinade that lamb shank, all they care for is some sweet-tooth fun.

Everything You Need To Know About Cooking Lamb Meat

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24 August 2017

Lamb meat and cuts

The meaty Eid Al Adha feast is here and it’s time to decide on the big menu. Yep, we know you’re thinking about the fail-safe lamb roast, lamb shanks and may be kebab skewers. So far so good, they’re all popular and delicious but a tad conventional.

How about spicing things up with a whole lamb roast? Or experimenting with the juicy ribs? Sounds unfamiliar but that’s because we usually stick to the popular meat cuts, often ignoring some underrated and delicious meaty parts.

4 Science-Approved Tips To Brew A Perfect Cup Of Tea

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30 July 2017

Tips To Brew A Perfect Cup Of Tea

Life’s hard and that's why we have tea – to make it all better. The worst part, however, is when even your tea tastes like dirty lukewarm water. Those who proudly call themselves, tea-aholics even have a name for this condition (no kidding!). It’s called Tepidophobia - the fear of a badly made cup of tea.

Many things can cause Tepidophobia. According to Dr Stuart Farrimond, an expert in the science of making tea (yes, that’s an actual job), the brewing time and even the colour of the mug plays a significant role to make your tea just the way you like it.

11 Of The Most Satisfying Dishes To Try This Eid Al Adha

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19 June 2017

10 Delicious Eid Dishes From Around The World

We promised ourselves a healthy summer and well, most of the days, we were successful. But with Eid Al Adha here, 'healthy eating' isn’t the word we want to hear for a few days.

The joyous festival is all about celebration, gratitude and food — loads and loads of sugar dipped sweets, scrumptious bite-size appetisers and delicious entrées.

If you’re looking to experiment with some cultural Eid Al Adha recipes and dishes scroll away to find what tempts your taste buds.

10 Heavenly Iftar Foods From Around The World

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21 May 2017

Iftar Dishes From Around The World

The blessed month of Ramadan is right around the corner. This means, every morning (for 30 days), one-fifth of the world’s population will unify to abstain from worldly pleasures. Almost 2 billion Muslims will wake up at dawn to observe a fast till dusk.

It’s almost mesmeric to see thousands of families and hundreds of nationalities to follow a single schedule of life. From their passport colour to their daily feast, everything differs YET the spirit of the holy month remains universal.