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5 Foodie Ways to Say ‘I Love You Mom’

Your leading lady deserves the best on her special day and we've got some simple yet meaningful foodie ideas for you!

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21 March 2017

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March 21, it’s Mother’s Day today. But to be fair, there can’t be enough days to celebrate the woman who carried you for 9 months. You may not admit this but she has been your best friend, your mentor and your guide — long before you were born.

So stop what you’re doing and start planning to tell her how much she means to you. And we say you start with food.

Why food — you ask?
It’s basically impossible to screw with your Mother’s Day menu. You could make her a simple cup of tea and she would love you for it.  Here are some guaranteed foodie ways to make you the coolest of her kids (yes, it’s totally a sibling competition thing).

1. Make her breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

It’s the time-honored tradition for kids to prepare a hearty breakfast meal for their mums on Mother’s Day. Go ahead and turn her alarm off and surprise her with a fresh pot of coffee, some eggs and bacon, light pancakes — it would mean the world to her.  

2. Cook her favourite dish

Cook her favourite dish

This is the role reversal of the best kind. Your mom has been cooking all your favourite meals since you learnt to say them. Tomorrow, it’s her turn to kickback, watch TV and daydream about a hot bowl of soup, crunchy veggies, creamy pasta and freshly made rice. Find out what tickles her taste bud and dig up some recipes.

You don’t need words to express your love — trust a juicy steak to do the job for you.  

3. Arrange a surprise tea party

Arrange a tea party

Remember the last time your mum went out with friends or had a get-together? Contrary to what you assume – our mommies have pals. They used to hang out, go for movies and have parties before we arrived.

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So why not go all out and bring her good old days back? Whip up some brunch items like scones, cookies, bite-size sandwiches and invite her friends over. Let ’em be girls again!

4. Create a snack basket of her choice

Create a snack basket

“But she is always scolding us over that bag of chips,” you say. Well, that’s part of her job description. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy her own late night snacks when she can.

Before she became your nutritionist, she used to love late night ice creams or those big bags of spicy potato chips. Create a massive basket of her late night guilty treats, chocolate bars, potato chips, ice cream, Nutella sticks — even mommies are allowed to cheat, once in a while.

5. Bake her ‘I Luv You Mum’ cookies

Bake her I Luv You Mum cookies

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. All you need are some cookie doughs, colourful fondants and a steady hand to write ‘I Luv you mum.’

And if, somehow you fail to do any of the above, just do the dishes — she will adore you for that.