Activated Charcoal Flavour Is The Newest Trend In Food |

Activated Charcoal Flavour Is The Newest Trend In Food

But, should you really eat it?

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23 May 2017

Activated charcoal food trend

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Good news: The world has finally found its worthy replacement of the unicorn trend and has moved onto the very dark, very black — charcoal trend.

This new trend is the perfect antithesis of all things magical, and glittery.

Made for those with a little dark soul hidden inside, this pitch black flavour is hybridising with almost all kinds of food. While charcoal burgers have been around for quite some time now, charcoal lattes, ice creams and bread are the latest goth items on the block.

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Is it safe to eat charcoal?

We’re all familiar with charcoal. It's the messy black stick that gives you killer barbeque and it’s the powdery stuff that’s all the rage in beauty products these days due to its anti-oxidant properties.

Doctors use activated charcoal as a medicine to treat poisoning and drug overdoses because it absorbs the negative substance from the body. But when you eat charcoal in your daily routine, it can also absorb stuff that you don't want to get rid of — like vitamins and minerals.

Consuming charcoal made from burnt coconut shells is not dangerous but it’s not safe or recommended by doctors either.

Should you try it?

There’s no harm in trying something in a limited quantity for the sake of fun but it should only be in moderation and under proper guidance.

But beware: Anything with charcoal will have a grainy, chalky texture to it and will (probably) temporarily stain your teeth.

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Check out some charcoal flavoured food items trending on social media.

They sure look pretty enough to eat.

1. Charcoal Bread

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2. Charcoal Sandwiches

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3. Charcoal Burgers

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4. Charcoal Lattes

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5. Charcoal Sauce

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