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Mukbang, the Online Social Trend That's Eating the UAE

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16 July 2020

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Mukbang, the Online Social Trend That's Eating the UAE

Mukbang has steadily begun to satisfy cravings that UAE residents didn’t even know they had.

At some point in your life, you may have been curious about the entire McDonald's menu but you haven't tried every single item available. Or perhaps you've played with the idea of eating nothing but vegan food. Maybe you've daydreamed about adding every single thing offered at a fancy buffet to your dinner plate.

Without eating your weight in burgers and fries, there's an online trend called Mukbang where you can satisfy these curious cravings.

10 Wedding Food Ideas Your Guests Will Obsess Over

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23 July 2019

10 Wedding Food Ideas Your Guests Will Obsess Over

The way to a wedding guest's heart is through their stomach...

Make your big day extra memorable with these trendy, unconventional menu options. When the "I do's" are over, it's time for the fun part: food, drinks, and dancing. If you've already got your venue and DJ all sorted out, keep your guests on their toes with a reception menu that's out-of-the-ordinary.

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These Are the Food Trends Set to Dominate 2019

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4 November 2018

These Are the Food Trends Set to Dominate 2019

Every year, Waitrose & Partners release their Food & Drink Report, looking back at the culinary moments that have defined the past year, and predicting what we’ll be eating, drinking and cooking in the year ahead.

The report suggests that in 2018, we’ve been experimenting with jackfruit and miso, aquafaba and kefir in the kitchen, and sipping on frosé while we do it.

But what about in 2019? Apparently, these are the areas that will be inspiring our dietary habits in the months to come…

8 Halal Food Instagram Accounts to Make You Hungry

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18 April 2018

Halal Food Instagram Accounts

Instagram-worthy food is a trend we’re not giving up anytime soon, with many of us using Instagram to decide what to eat or what restaurant to visit next. Despite the countless foodie accounts on your feed, it’s often difficult to find an account which showcases the best of halal food. So we’ve decided to highlight our favourite halal food bloggers –or halaloodies, on Instagram!

This Polish Model Creates The Creepiest Food Structures You’ll Ever See

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21 August 2017

Polish Model Creates The Creepiest Food Structure You’ll Ever See

In general, models have little to do with food unless it’s some crazy diet but Anna Tokarska is changing the whole perception – in the creepiest way possible.

Anna, a Polish model by profession but an artist at heart, has created a series of surreal looking food structures, all made with nothing but everyday fruits and vegetables.