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8 Halal Food Instagram Accounts to Make You Hungry

Here are our favourite halaloodies to follow

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18 April 2018

Halal Food Instagram Accounts

Instagram-worthy food is a trend we’re not giving up anytime soon, with many of us using Instagram to decide what to eat or what restaurant to visit next. Despite the countless foodie accounts on your feed, it’s often difficult to find an account which showcases the best of halal food. So we’ve decided to highlight our favourite halal food bloggers –or halaloodies, on Instagram!

Here in Dubai, halal restaurants are the norm, as meals and ingredients adhere to Islamic law. But, when travelling around the world, Instagram can be a good tool to use to source tasty halal food in different locations. As our pick of Muslim food bloggers are making life easier for halal diners across the globe.

With the Holy Month of Ramadan approaching it’s also the perfect time draw inspiration from halal foodies for iftar feasts and suhoor snacks. As we’ve got 8 halal food Instagram’s for you to start following

2. Sukaina Rajabali

3. The London Haloodie

4. Amanda Saab

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5. Halal Gems

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6. Steak & Teeth

7. Halal Girl About Town

8. Tasneem Adam

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