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Moon Milk is the Latest Wellness Trend That's Taking Over Your Feed

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21 January 2019

How to make moon milk

Move over rainbow bagels, avocado art and glitter lattes...

There’s a new highly Instagrammable food and drink trend that’s brewing up a storm on social media.

‘Moon milk’ is the latest drink to experience a moment with food bloggers, but far from being a novelty sip that just looks good for the ‘gram, wellness buffs are claiming that it has some pretty potent health perks too.

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8 Halal Food Instagram Accounts to Make You Hungry

Posted on

18 April 2018

Halal Food Instagram Accounts

Instagram-worthy food is a trend we’re not giving up anytime soon, with many of us using Instagram to decide what to eat or what restaurant to visit next. Despite the countless foodie accounts on your feed, it’s often difficult to find an account which showcases the best of halal food. So we’ve decided to highlight our favourite halal food bloggers –or halaloodies, on Instagram!