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These Fidget Spinner Cookies Will Let You Eat Your Stress Away

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19 June 2017

 Fidget Spinner Cookies

Even if you’re someone who doesn't follow trends (and toys), chances are you’ve heard of the fidget spinners — the hottest toy in the market these days. Give this hashtag #fidgetspinner a search on YouTube and you’ll see a plethora of videos. From nail art to DIYs, this rotating toy has somehow managed to invade every section of our lives.

Many consider these small, ball-bearing devices as stress-relief aides for individuals with anxiety, autism and ADHD. The spinning and tossing of the toy provide a pleasing sensory experience, according to user reviews.

These Stunning Brushstroke Cakes Are LEGIT Works Of Art

Posted on

5 June 2017

Brushstroke Cakes

If you (like us) spent a good part of your day being hypnotised by gorgeous cake art videos then don’t be hard on yourself — we’re all guilty here.

And TBH we’re not entirely at fault here. One look at those oddly satisfying photos and we’re hooked for hours.

In case you’re done obsessing over marble and geode cakes then welcome the newest masterpiece in town — brushstroke cakes.

How To Create The Perfect Buddha Bowl In 5 Steps

Posted on

4 June 2017

Buddha bowl

Buddha bowls are a big deal this year. From rainbow veggies to destructed sushi, it seems like everything tastes better in a bowl. And TBH we can't really argue here. Something that’s trendy, colourful and healthy has all the rights to be insta-famous.

In simpler terms, Buddha bowls are deep-rimmed dishes brimming with vibrant food (often vegan) but meat is allowed too. The healthy bowl typically contains 15 percent lean protein, 25 percent whole grains, 35 percent vegetables,10 percent sauce and 30 percent extras.

These Pink Pineapples Are Popping Up Everywhere

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31 May 2017

Pink Pineapples

It’s a fashion mandate that everything looks pretty in pink – even pineapples. If you’re wondering what are we talking about then behold the prettiest pink in town: The genetically modified rose-coloured pineapples that are causing a pink frenzy on Instagram these days.

The exotic beauties have been in the development since 2005 but their pretty pictures are now winning the internet everywhere.

This Is What The Queen Eats In A Day

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29 May 2017

This Is What The Queen Eats In A Typical Day

It’s tough to have your food preferences when you’re a royal and the whole world is (literally) your oyster. But thankfully, for Queen Elizabeth II, there is an army of chefs at her beck and call to pick out the menu.

According to The TelegraphDarren McGrady, a former chef in the royal kitchens, said that the Queen is "not a foodie. She eats to live, unlike Prince Philip who loves to eat and would stand and talk food all day."

Here’s a quick rundown of what she prefers to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner — and in between.

Behold: The Magical Cake That Changes Colour

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29 May 2017

Colour changing cake

We’re kinda confused here; not sure whether to be impressed by a cake that changes colour or be revengeful because it looks like we’ve found the origin of the glorified rainbow trend.

It all started in 2015 when the avid baker and YouTuber, Charlotte Sometimes shared a short clip of a magical spinning cake that transforms colours depending on the angle it’s viewed from. And just like that, Charlotte (most probably) gave the world a trend to endlessly fuss about. In addition, she also created an easy to follow tutorial on how to create the stunning technique at home.

This Couple Bakes The Creepiest Cakes You'll Ever See IRL

Posted on

29 May 2017

Sideserf Cake sculptures

Desserts, in general, are expected to be pleasing, pretty and adorable but that's all a thing of the past. One talented Texas couple is breaking the food stereotypes by creating jaw-droppingly REAL ( and creepy) cakes.

Meet Natalie and Dave Sideserf, the couple who’ve proudly made hundreds of people bite into the backside of a unicorn, a bleeding human heart and heads.

5 Worst Food Combinations Of All Time

Posted on

27 May 2017

Worst food combinations ever

The internet is a weird, weird place. It’s filled with trends that sound impressive, look delicious and (sometimes) taste great too.

But there’s a reason some people are called chefs and other amateurs. And there’s a reason why certain food items are not to be messed with. That reason is called logic. Not every food combo is meant to be a harmonious blend of flavours.

From peanut butter mixed with pickle to burgers filled with spaghetti — here‘s a quick rundown of 5 stomach-churning food combo trends that should have never been attempted.

These Mirror Glazed Cakes Are SO Pretty, They Should Be On A Wall

Posted on

23 May 2017

Mirror glaze cakes

Desserts, especially cakes, happen to be the star attraction at most of the events. And why not, they taste yum and they look great.

All that’s true till you set your eyes on the latest obsession of the dessert world — a drool-worthy marble cake that’s so shiny you can actually see your reflection on its surface. The glossy shine and minimalist designs on these delectable looking desserts are love at first sight.