This Couple Bakes The Creepiest Cakes You'll Ever See IRL |

This Couple Bakes The Creepiest Cakes You'll Ever See IRL

We're awed and disgusted - at the same time

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29 May 2017

Sideserf Cake sculptures

image credit: SideserfCakes/Instagram

Desserts, in general, are expected to be pleasing, pretty and adorable but that's all a thing of the past. One talented Texas couple is breaking the food stereotypes by creating jaw-droppingly REAL ( and creepy) cakes.

Meet Natalie and Dave Sideserf, the couple who’ve proudly made hundreds of people bite into the backside of a unicorn, a bleeding human heart and heads.

The two started Sideserf Cake Studio four years ago and have seen their work grow in popularity by leaps and bounds. Their hyper-realistic and out of the box creations led to such heights of success that they now have their own food reality show by the name of ‘Texas Cake House’.

Their food sculptures are a brilliant work of art made out of cakes bases, frosting and intricate colour design. Their best work so far has been the super real faces of Better Call Saul's cast members.

“The inside is made of layers of vanilla cake and swiss buttercream,” Natalie told BoredPanda. Once carved, the entire cake is covered with a layer of chocolate ganache and a final layer of modelling chocolate to sculpt the details.

Natalie first rose to fame after she shared her gruesome anniversary cake picture with her fans on Instagram.

Thanks to Sideserf, a T-bone steak for dessert is totally on the menu.

And so is an elephant sculpture.

A mascot cake for The University of Texas

We're awed and disgusted at the same time.