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Activated Charcoal Flavour Is The Newest Trend In Food

Posted on

23 May 2017

Activated charcoal food trend

Good news: The world has finally found its worthy replacement of the unicorn trend and has moved onto the very dark, very black — charcoal trend.

This new trend is the perfect antithesis of all things magical, and glittery.

Made for those with a little dark soul hidden inside, this pitch black flavour is hybridising with almost all kinds of food. While charcoal burgers have been around for quite some time now, charcoal lattes, ice creams and bread are the latest goth items on the block.

This HAS To Be The Trendiest Way To Eat Sushi

Posted on

17 May 2017

Sushi shoes art

2017 has been a sushi-successful year.

The Internet has been pretty intense about this delightful Japanese cuisine BUT it's time to forget all sushi trends you might have scrolled through in the past weeks and behold the shoe-shi.

Yep, if Instagram is a culinary judge to go by, then shoe-shi is the newest (and perhaps the most bizarre) way to eat and serve sushi this season.

The Unicorn Shake Is FINALLY Available In Dubai

Posted on

12 May 2017

Unicorn Shake in Dubai

Everybody's Instagram was recently taken over by sprinkles, pink and rainbow-coloured treats thanks to the biggest food trend of 2017 - unicorn EVERYTHING.

And since Starbucks USA introduced their own version of a unicorn milkshake, we've been eager to get our paws around our own cup of deliciousness here in the United Arab emirates.

Now, thanks to the GoNuts food truck located on Palm Jumeirah, we can now try a unicorn milkshake for ourselves.

The Sushi Doughnut Trend is Weirdly Wonderful

Posted on

1 May 2017

 Sushi Doughnut

Sushi is our eternal love and how do you test love?

You try something new, different and exotic. You come out with fond memories or hard-learned lessons, either way: You win. We’ve tested our love for sushi time and again — sushi burritos, fruit sushi, sushi corn-dogs and most recently – sushi doughnuts.

A seemingly contrasting yet equally tempting concept, sushi doughnuts are basically sushi rolls shaped like doughnuts.

Fast Food Bouquets Are The Most Drool-Worthy Thing You'll See

Posted on

29 April 2017

Fast Food Bouquets

No offence Ryan Gosling, but if there was EVER an Instagram account for LOVE then we'd choose these food-gasmic bouquets as our DP. After all, no matter how good looking — we can't eat you.

Filled with our favourite meats, cheese, bread, onions and peppers — these drool-worthy bouquets are a dream come true for every soul who doesn't mind a few hundred calories (all in the name of love!)

We don't really know how and when this trend started but kudos to the person who covered all the basis of love.

Black Charcoal Ice Cream Is The Internet’s Revenge From Everything Rainbow

Posted on

28 April 2017

Black charcoal ice cream

Here’s a special shout-out to all those who LOVE ice cream but don’t want to feel cute about it: An ice cream shop in LA, Little Damage has created the most Gothic ice cream you could wish for.

This cold dark dessert is custom-made for every soul who always sides with the bad guys, prefers black for celebration and stays 200 km away from the infamous unicorn trend.

What makes these ice creams blacker than the evil queen's soul?

Rubik's Cakes Are The Sweetest Puzzle You'll Set Your Eyes On

Posted on

19 April 2017

Rubik's Cakes

Your fun with mathematics is about to get impossibly delicious with Rubik's cakes — yes, they’re a thing and we’re in love with them.

Remember all the frustrating times when you couldn’t get all colours to match up? If you’re into baking then making a Rubik's cake is your only chance to get all the frustration out and EAT it.

This Is How Meat-Loving Peeps Are Eating Green These Days

Posted on

15 April 2017

Vegetable charcuterie

Let’s face it — eating raw veggies is boring. And things are especially gruelling if you’re a fan of everything meaty.

Sure, mixing chicken and bacon in your salads add some solace but there is STILL a lot of hard-to-chew, bland-tasting greens left to up your green ante.

So what do we, the innocent chicken-loving peeps do? We make a vegetable charcuterie.

The Coolest Ice Cream Tacos On The Internet

Posted on

11 April 2017

Ice Cream Tacos

Food mashups are trending so we’re onto them. Most of them are made-for-Instagram; drool-worthy to look at but not so great in taste. The best kind, however, is the one that brings the best of two dishes together like — ice cream tacos.

This ice cream dessert takes summer eating to a whole new level of coolness. The taco shell is replaced with cone waffles and instead of ground beef filling, you get rolled scoops of sweet perfection — in whichever flavour you like.