Rubik's Cakes Are The Sweetest Puzzle You'll Set Your Eyes On |

Rubik's Cakes Are The Sweetest Puzzle You'll Set Your Eyes On

Geometrically on-fleek

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19 April 2017

Rubik's Cakes

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Your fun with mathematics is about to get impossibly delicious with Rubik's cakes — yes, they’re a thing and we’re in love with them.

Remember all the frustrating times when you couldn’t get all colours to match up? If you’re into baking then making a Rubik's cake is your only chance to get all the frustration out and EAT it.

But here’s a bummer... Making these cakes isn’t exactly a piece of cake (pun intended).The hardest part are not the ingredients nor the toppings but the precise measurements to keep all squares in exact height and shape.

These stunning creations first went viral when French chef, Cédric Grolet, (who, according to the Relais Desserts association, was the best pastry chef in 2016) paid tribute to the famous Rubik's Cube puzzle in the form of Rubik's Cake. His geometrically on-fleek masterpiece gave baking enthusiasts around the world a new challenge, one that they loved to solve.

Check out some of the most impressive Rubik's creations by various chefs.

Cédric's signature cake comes with a golden square.

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Here's a lemon-y perfect Rubik's cake.

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The topping makes all the difference.

This one gets all the points for the decor.

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And the world feels right again. #PerfectMatch

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