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These Fidget Spinner Cookies Will Let You Eat Your Stress Away

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19 June 2017

 Fidget Spinner Cookies

Even if you’re someone who doesn't follow trends (and toys), chances are you’ve heard of the fidget spinners — the hottest toy in the market these days. Give this hashtag #fidgetspinner a search on YouTube and you’ll see a plethora of videos. From nail art to DIYs, this rotating toy has somehow managed to invade every section of our lives.

Many consider these small, ball-bearing devices as stress-relief aides for individuals with anxiety, autism and ADHD. The spinning and tossing of the toy provide a pleasing sensory experience, according to user reviews.

This Is Hugh Jackman's Favourite Dessert

Posted on

29 April 2017

Hugh Jackman's favourite dessert

In case you need one more reason to fall hopelessly in love with the endearing man-beast we know as Logan — then be prepared to cue a major aww-worthy moment cause we're about to tell you his favourite dessert.

The Wolverine actor recently posted a photo of the handwritten recipe for his mum’s "Hughby’s Favorite Crème Caramel Cake" with the hashtag #throwbackthursday and then “Thanks Mum!”

Rubik's Cakes Are The Sweetest Puzzle You'll Set Your Eyes On

Posted on

19 April 2017

Rubik's Cakes

Your fun with mathematics is about to get impossibly delicious with Rubik's cakes — yes, they’re a thing and we’re in love with them.

Remember all the frustrating times when you couldn’t get all colours to match up? If you’re into baking then making a Rubik's cake is your only chance to get all the frustration out and EAT it.

7 Magical Beauty And The Beast Inspired Desserts

Posted on

2 April 2017

Yummy Beauty and the Beast Inspired Desserts

It’s been over a week but our crush on Emma Watson and her dapper beast is far from over. In fact, we are at a stage where this mesmerising tale of love is all we can talk about.

Disney’s live-action remake of the Beauty and the Beast tale is not only breaking hearts but creating food trends too. From Belle’s iconic yellow dress macarons to candy rose cupcakes, here are some enchanting desserts that will take you to fantasy land.