These Fidget Spinner Cookies Will Let You Eat Your Stress Away |

These Fidget Spinner Cookies Will Let You Eat Your Stress Away

Spin your problems away!

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19 June 2017

 Fidget Spinner Cookies

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Even if you’re someone who doesn't follow trends (and toys), chances are you’ve heard of the fidget spinners — the hottest toy in the market these days. Give this hashtag #fidgetspinner a search on YouTube and you’ll see a plethora of videos. From nail art to DIYs, this rotating toy has somehow managed to invade every section of our lives.

Many consider these small, ball-bearing devices as stress-relief aides for individuals with anxiety, autism and ADHD. The spinning and tossing of the toy provide a pleasing sensory experience, according to user reviews.

Just like every other big trend, fidget spinners HAD to be cookie-fied.

Thanks to thousands of avid bakers on Instagram, making fidget spinner cookies is officially an edible thing now.

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They not only de-stress and help you focus but they beat the hunger too. Winner all the way!

Of course, those pretty colours and spinning wheels make for a great Insta-story.

People are adding all sorts of cool things to their fidget spinners just like these cute emojis.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to make fidget spinner cookies at home.