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These Ice Cream Tacos Will Take You To The Coolest Place On Earth

Summer food of our dream

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11 April 2017

Ice Cream Tacos

Food mashups are trending so we’re onto them. Most of them are made-for-Instagram; drool-worthy to look at but not so great in taste. The best kind, however, is the one that brings the best of two dishes together like — ice cream tacos.

This ice cream dessert takes summer eating to a whole new level of coolness. The taco shell is replaced with cone waffles and instead of ground beef filling, you get rolled scoops of sweet perfection — in whichever flavour you like.

The tacos are then drizzled with chocolate syrup, adorned with confetti and garnished with crackers, fruity pebbles and chocolate chips.

Talking about this genius innovation has put us in a good mood but in case you're difficult to please, here are some mood-booster pics of ice cream tacos from around the world.

PS: Let's not focus on how messy it will be to finish these and instead just stare at the deliciousness.

This is food from our dreams.

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Even The Hulk would cool down after eating this...

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It's the simple ones that often taste the best.

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OK. Don't mention this to your trainer or your mom.

This one gets all the points for the decor.

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Did someone say calories? We didn't really hear it.

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