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The Unicorn Shake Is FINALLY Available In Dubai

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12 May 2017

Unicorn Shake in Dubai

Everybody's Instagram was recently taken over by sprinkles, pink and rainbow-coloured treats thanks to the biggest food trend of 2017 - unicorn EVERYTHING.

And since Starbucks USA introduced their own version of a unicorn milkshake, we've been eager to get our paws around our own cup of deliciousness here in the United Arab emirates.

Now, thanks to the GoNuts food truck located on Palm Jumeirah, we can now try a unicorn milkshake for ourselves.

The Sushi Doughnut Trend is Weirdly Wonderful

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1 May 2017

 Sushi Doughnut

Sushi is our eternal love and how do you test love?

You try something new, different and exotic. You come out with fond memories or hard-learned lessons, either way: You win. We’ve tested our love for sushi time and again — sushi burritos, fruit sushi, sushi corn-dogs and most recently – sushi doughnuts.

A seemingly contrasting yet equally tempting concept, sushi doughnuts are basically sushi rolls shaped like doughnuts.

The Coolest Ice Cream Tacos On The Internet

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11 April 2017

Ice Cream Tacos

Food mashups are trending so we’re onto them. Most of them are made-for-Instagram; drool-worthy to look at but not so great in taste. The best kind, however, is the one that brings the best of two dishes together like — ice cream tacos.

This ice cream dessert takes summer eating to a whole new level of coolness. The taco shell is replaced with cone waffles and instead of ground beef filling, you get rolled scoops of sweet perfection — in whichever flavour you like.

5 Bizarre Burgers That Gave Us Mortal Wounds

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23 February 2017

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When everything fails, a burger saves the say. No feeling can describe the satisfaction of a great burger and the disappointment of a bad one.

From multimillion dollar fast food chains to street sellers in every nook and corner of the world — everyone experiments with this classic creation. Those in the business can tell that this deceivingly simple dish is one tough cookie to perfect.

When it fails, it fails miserably. But when it succeeds, it can be a life-altering experience.