The Sushi Doughnut Trend is Weirdly Wonderful |

The Sushi Doughnut Trend is Weirdly Wonderful

Sushi + Doughnut = Happiness

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1 May 2017

 Sushi Doughnut

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Sushi is our eternal love and how do you test love?

You try something new, different and exotic. You come out with fond memories or hard-learned lessons, either way: You win. We’ve tested our love for sushi time and again — sushi burritos, fruit sushi, sushi corn-dogs and most recently – sushi doughnuts.

A seemingly contrasting yet equally tempting concept, sushi doughnuts are basically sushi rolls shaped like doughnuts.

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How to Make Sushi Doughnuts

Created by vegan food blogger, Sam Murphy, sushi doughnuts follow the same process as a traditional sushi platter. The basic ingredients: rice, wasabi, fish and avocado are layered into a greased doughnut mould then pressed together and flipped into a serving plate.

As with most sushi, you can change the ingredient as per your liking, appetite and imagination. It’s just like a roll in the shape of a circle, but you'll need a knife and fork or chopsticks to eat it.

Here are some inspirations in case you want to give your regular sushi a twist:

The contrasting colours and multiple textures of the dish, not to mention the classic doughnut round shape, make them a fine piece of culinary art and of course — an Instagram trend.

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