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Wild Salmon Is At Crisis Point – 4 Sustainable Fish To Eat Instead

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25 April 2019

wild salmon in Scotland

It’s one of our favourite catches of the day – is there anything more delicious than poached wild salmon with hollandaise sauce and in-season Jersey royals?

But because of our increasing appetite for oily fish (which comes packed with protein, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins), climate change and commercial salmon farming, this prized delicacy is at risk.

According to the Scottish government, the latest figures reveal catches are at their lowest levels since records began in 1952.

This HAS To Be The Trendiest Way To Eat Sushi

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17 May 2017

Sushi shoes art

2017 has been a sushi-successful year.

The Internet has been pretty intense about this delightful Japanese cuisine BUT it's time to forget all sushi trends you might have scrolled through in the past weeks and behold the shoe-shi.

Yep, if Instagram is a culinary judge to go by, then shoe-shi is the newest (and perhaps the most bizarre) way to eat and serve sushi this season.

The Sushi Doughnut Trend is Weirdly Wonderful

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1 May 2017

 Sushi Doughnut

Sushi is our eternal love and how do you test love?

You try something new, different and exotic. You come out with fond memories or hard-learned lessons, either way: You win. We’ve tested our love for sushi time and again — sushi burritos, fruit sushi, sushi corn-dogs and most recently – sushi doughnuts.

A seemingly contrasting yet equally tempting concept, sushi doughnuts are basically sushi rolls shaped like doughnuts.

You've Been Storing Fish WRONG The Whole Time

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25 April 2017

How to keep fish fresh

With all the talks of spring cleaning — fish seems to be an obvious choice of the meat. But eating it requires A LOT more than just getting rid of the foul odour and we are not even talking about de-boning it.

Whether you fancy pan-seared chunks brushed with olive oil or a flaky fish fillet with tartar sauce, it goes without saying that this rich in protein food HAS to be fresh.