You've Been Storing Fish WRONG The Whole Time |

You've Been Storing Fish WRONG The Whole Time

30 seconds is what it takes to get it right.

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25 April 2017

How to keep fish fresh

With all the talks of spring cleaning — fish seems to be an obvious choice of the meat. But eating it requires A LOT more than just getting rid of the foul odour and we are not even talking about de-boning it.

Whether you fancy pan-seared chunks brushed with olive oil or a flaky fish fillet with tartar sauce, it goes without saying that this rich in protein food HAS to be fresh.

You may think that tossing a fish fillet in a refrigerator shelf will do the job but this is actually the opposite. Even the freshest seafood item degrades noticeably after 24 hours, especially at 38°F (3°C), which is about the temperature that most home refrigerators maintain.

And although eating a day’s old fish won’t kill you — it certainly won’t be as flavorful as before.

Fish storing hack

Here's a 30 second hack to keep your fish fresh for 3 days:

Rinse your fresh stack of fish fillets, carefully pat them with dry towels and place them in a single layer in a plastic freezer bag. Avoid stacking as this will allow bacteria to grow.

Once done, seal the bag and put it inside a layer of ice pack on a tray. Keep your fish at the bottom as this is the coldest part of your fridge.

Laying your fish underneath ice or ice packs will lower the temperature to about 0 °C, which will keep it from degrading in quality for up to three days.