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The Amazing Garlic Peeling Trick – And Other Fruit and Veg Hacks You Need in Your Life

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19 June 2019

The Amazing Garlic Peeling Trick

Garlic is an absolute staple in most kitchens, but how many hours of your life have been spent cracking open bulbs and peeling those fiddly, papery skins from the cloves?

It’s annoying at best, and enough to make you throw dinner on the floor and call in takeout, at worst.

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7 Genius Ice Cube Tray Hacks

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13 June 2017

7  Genius Ice Cube Tray Hacks

If you’re experiencing the sweltering Dubai heat these days, you know your refrigerator is officially your trusted pal (of course, after the air conditioners). But let’s not forget other humble and most underrated tools like ice trays.

You may think they have only one job but they’re more useful than you can imagine. From on-the-go herbs to yummy treats, these trays can be used for a whole lot of purposes — if you know the right hacks.

Here are some to get you started on this kitchen DIY project this summer.

You've Been Storing Fish WRONG The Whole Time

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25 April 2017

How to keep fish fresh

With all the talks of spring cleaning — fish seems to be an obvious choice of the meat. But eating it requires A LOT more than just getting rid of the foul odour and we are not even talking about de-boning it.

Whether you fancy pan-seared chunks brushed with olive oil or a flaky fish fillet with tartar sauce, it goes without saying that this rich in protein food HAS to be fresh.

Gordon Ramsay's Top 3 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

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1 April 2017

Gordon Ramsay kitchen gadgets

If you have the slightest interest in cooking, celebrities and reality shows, you would know who Gordon Ramsay is.

He is the celebrated Michelin-starred chef who keeps millions of amateur chefs on their toes. His articulate insults and brutal satire have made many contestants cry on various TV shows like ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares’.

14 Cooking Mistakes You're Probably Making

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16 August 2016

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To help you avoid any cringe-inducing moments while cooking and with your foodie friends, here's some mistakes to steer clear of and advice on how to help you fix them. 

1. Not tasting your food while cooking
Recipes don't always call for the right amount of seasoning, cooking times are estimates and results may vary depending on your ingredients, your stove, your altitude... And a million of other factors. At the end of the day, your palate is the control factor. Trust your taste buds!

10 Ways to Tenderize Your Steak You Probably Didn't Know

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12 February 2014

How to tenderize your steak

There's nothing worse than serving sizzling steaks that haven't been prepared correctly. Especially if you're feeding a group of your friends suffering from major hunger-pangs.

And if you do serve meat that hasn't been under the hammer, prepare for your guests to turn into fire-fighters; trying to hack their way through the bits of sinew, separating that first bite from the rest of the meat.