Fast Food Bouquets Are The Most Drool-Worthy Thing You'll See |

Fast Food Bouquets Are The Most Drool-Worthy Expression Of Love

Flowers vs. Fries: You choose.

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29 April 2017

Fast Food Bouquets

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No offence Ryan Gosling, but if there was EVER an Instagram account for LOVE then we'd choose these food-gasmic bouquets as our DP. After all, no matter how good looking — we can't eat you.

Filled with our favourite meats, cheese, bread, onions and peppers — these drool-worthy bouquets are a dream come true for every soul who doesn't mind a few hundred calories (all in the name of love!)

We don't really know how and when this trend started but kudos to the person who covered all the basis of love.

In case you're looking to spice things up or just like staring at food till you're hungry — then scroll down to see some phone-lickin' good food bouquets trending on Instagram.

The ONLY way to a foodie's heart.

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This guy has the best date ever!

Cause flowers are SO old school.