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You've Been Reheating Your Leftover Pizza Wrong This Whole Time

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26 June 2017

Reheating Your Leftover Pizza

There aren’t many things in the world that can match the satisfaction of seeing a leftover slice of Pizza just sitting right there in the fridge…waiting to be devoured…by you and you alone.

TBH, a true pizza devotee (erm, that’s us) knows that the only way to order a pizza is X-Large so that you can save the leftover slices for late night craving. But reheating your slice the wrong way can leave you with a chewy crust and soggy toppings.

How To Cook Perfect Restaurant-Style French Fries

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24 June 2017

How To Cook Perfect Restaurant-Style French Fries

Bad days are best forgotten over a hot basket of French fries.

These heavenly deep-fried potatoes are God's way of telling his chosen people to kick back and have some unapologetic FUN.

Although the origin of the fry is somewhat of a mystery (they’re definitely not French), their presence in the culinary world is a fine example of quintessential fast food. From the smallest take-outs to Michelin-star restaurants, there’s hardly any place that can survive without them.

The World's Most Expensive Burger

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20 June 2017

The World's Most Expensive Burger

The world’s most prestigious burger comes at a whopping cost of £1875 (AED 8,772) and ironically, it doesn’t taste as great as it should.

The infamous burger is the creation of Dutch chef Diego Bui who is unofficially known as the Hamburger King in Netherlands. This monster-looking creation includes some of the rarest ingredients including lobsters, foie gras, gold and of course, truffles.

This Is What Kim Kardashian ALWAYS Orders At McDonald's

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16 June 2017

Kim Kardashian Always Order At McDonald's

Looking at their hourglass figure, you’d think the entire Kardashian family survives on air (and media attention), and you’re partially correct.

Their social lives, however, tell a different story — one that all fast-food loving people can relate to.

The queen of the clan, Kim Kardashian recently took to her Instagram to tell her millions of followers her go-to McDonald’s order. Her younger sister, Khloe has been pretty open about her ‘relatively healthy choices’ but looks like Kim totally ignored her advice.

How To Make Your Burger (Somewhat) Healthier

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6 June 2017

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How To Make Your Burger Healthier

It all begins with a high-fat juicy beef patty marinated and grilled to perfection. Not rare, not undercooked — just the perfect amount of meaty fat topped with melting cheese and served with oven-fresh buns.

No food item can guarantee the satisfaction of a good classic burger and the disappointment of a bad one. Those who try to alter this heavenly goodness with fat-free options often end up with bland patties, watery toppings, no cheese and dry beef — and that's plain hurtful.

All thanks to some genius chefs out there, it doesn’t have to be.

12 Foods Items That Are Just A Mouthful Of Lies

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3 June 2017

Food that are lies

When life becomes too fast, we lose the sense of right and wrong. And as we continue with the daily routine, the truth becomes irrelevant and the lies — almost real.

The billion dollar food industry is the perfect specimen of this theory. Sure, you’re aware of some advertising tricks to keep you in a constant state of hunger, but then again, you may not. You might, in reality, just find yourself chewing on a mouthful of lies.

This Veggie Burger Is SO Meat-Like It Even Bleeds

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31 May 2017

The Impossible Burger

Veggie burgers don’t exactly have the best reputation in the business — and tbh we don’t blame them. It’s the whole idea of a burger with a bland flaky patty instead of a big fat meaty one that’s a big turn off.
But believe it or not, there’s one veggie burger that looks, cooks, tastes and bleeds — just like a regular burger without using a single ounce of meat.