How To Make Your Burger (Somewhat) Healthier |

How To Make Your Burger (Somewhat) Healthier

Save yourself the guilt-trip.

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6 June 2017

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How To Make Your Burger Healthier

It all begins with a high-fat juicy beef patty marinated and grilled to perfection. Not rare, not undercooked — just the perfect amount of meaty fat topped with melting cheese and served with oven-fresh buns.

No food item can guarantee the satisfaction of a good classic burger and the disappointment of a bad one. Those who try to alter this heavenly goodness with fat-free options often end up with bland patties, watery toppings, no cheese and dry beef — and that's plain hurtful.

All thanks to some genius chefs out there, it doesn’t have to be.

Indulging in a happiness-inducing burger experience doesn’t have to be a guilt-trip. Below are some easy techniques to save up some calories and slim down your burger without ruining the taste.

1. Make patties using lean ground beef.

Yes, we know high-fat patties make the juiciest burger but hey, compromise is the key here. Alternatively, you can swap half of your beef with chopped mushrooms. They have a rich texture that works great with minced meat.

A great tip is to keep a check on your portion size by making the patty not bigger than the palm of your hand.

How To Make Your Burger Healthier

2. Go easy on the condiments.

Hold that Mayo right there and let Greek yoghurt take its place. Fresh salsa can replace ketchup and hummus can work as mustard.

Once you develop the taste for health, you won't notice the difference.

How To Make Your Burger Healthier

3. Sneak in as many veggies as you can.

Avocado is your best friend here. It many not cut the calories down but the creamy texture can serve as a great topping. It's also a great replacement for cheese.

You can also make a super-quick guacamole, squash or zucchini topping by mashing them in a bowl with a spoonful of fresh salsa.

If you don't want to compromise the flavours then raw veggies are your best bet to make your burger healthy. Top up with shredded onions, lettuce leaves, tomatoes and any favourite veggie of your choice.

4. Replace the bun.

Substitute your bun with whole-wheat English muffins for your standard hamburger bun.

This simple switch will save you 121 calories.

How To Make Your Burger Healthier