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5 Worst Food Combos That Should've NEVER Been Attempted

Thanks, but no thanks.

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27 May 2017

Worst food combinations ever

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The internet is a weird, weird place. It’s filled with trends that sound impressive, look delicious and (sometimes) taste great too.

But there’s a reason some people are called chefs and other amateurs. And there’s a reason why certain food items are not to be messed with. That reason is called logic. Not every food combo is meant to be a harmonious blend of flavours.

From peanut butter mixed with pickle to burgers filled with spaghetti — here‘s a quick rundown of 5 stomach-churning food combo trends that should have never been attempted.

1. Burger - Spaghetti

Don't get us wrong here. We have a special spot for spaghetti in our heart and an entire room for burgers and that's why we have serious doubts about mixing these two together.

No matter how Instagram-worthy it may seem — it's a big no-no from our side.

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2. Avolatte

We're all up for food hybrids but this latte in an avocado shell is just a desperate cry for social approval.

What started out as a joke by baristas at Truman Cafe in Melbourne, Australia has now become another confusing food trend. Once again, it sure looks fascinating BUT the question is — would you experiment with your morning latte?

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3. Chickle

This is a deeply unsettling pickle stuffed with spicy chicken. Chickle is confusing us on SO many levels. Is it a sandwich or a hot dog? Is it a pickle with a topping or is it a sausage?

We need answers.

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4. Fries with ice cream

Humanity surprises us in many ways but salty fries dipped in soft serve ice cream is shocking.

We've got one question though: What do people gulp it down with? Warm milk?

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5. Peanut Butter with pickles

Sweet and creamy peanut butter sandwich with spicy pickles — no, thank you, we'd rather starve.

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