Hamburger With A Straw? Yes, It's A Thing |

Japanese Are Now Eating Their Burgers With A Straw

Because, why not?

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31 July 2017

Hamburger straw

image credit: micyaki___n/Instagram

Japanese have a way with innovation that’s way ahead of our time. No, we aren’t talking about their robotic trains or car-selling wending machines, we’re talking about something way more ingenious - a hamburger with a straw.

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Many eager Japanese customers at McDonald’s are now placing their burgers atop their drink.

Why? Well, for one it makes for cool Instagram photos. Second, it frees one hand to actually take a photo and lastly, because why not.

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The trend is called "drink x hamburger" as well as "hamburger straw."

Most of the hamburger straw photos show a McDonald’s burger but the fast food giant has little to do with this crazy DIY. And it makes sense why they wouldn’t get involved.

The trend may get a few nods and laughs, it’s actually impossible to stop tiny pieces of burger from getting into the drink. Besides, how is one supposed to eat the burger in that position? Like a Popsicle?

From McFlurry to Milkshakes - people are adding their own twist to this weird trend.

Is It Practical?

Food mashups and hybrids are cool. They taste great and they look awesome. But eating a delicious burger with straw is wrong on SO many levels.

For instance, do you finish the drink first or eat your burger? Do you clean the straw after sipping every time you sip to avoid tiny bun pieces? Do you hold the burger or hold the drink? We're confused.

Japanese can drink their burgers all they want but we'd like to stick to the old-school hold-and-bite approach.

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