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This Veggie Burger Is SO Meat-Like It Even Bleeds

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31 May 2017

The Impossible Burger

Veggie burgers don’t exactly have the best reputation in the business — and tbh we don’t blame them. It’s the whole idea of a burger with a bland flaky patty instead of a big fat meaty one that’s a big turn off.
But believe it or not, there’s one veggie burger that looks, cooks, tastes and bleeds — just like a regular burger without using a single ounce of meat.

This Stone-Fired Cheeseburger Is Giving Us Life

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18 May 2017

Stone Fired Cheeseburger

Burgers are a classic gift to humanity that has saved many bad days.

It’s hard to explain the satisfaction of biting into a mouth-melting juicy patty flavoured with lettuce, cheese and butter-seared buns.

If you too (like us) are guilty of dreaming about cheesy beef patties and succulent pickles then you’ve got to try a stone-fired version of a classic cheeseburger.

Why, you ask? Because it’s as basic, raw and as close to natural flavours as it gets.

5 Bizarre Burgers That Gave Us Mortal Wounds

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23 February 2017

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When everything fails, a burger saves the say. No feeling can describe the satisfaction of a great burger and the disappointment of a bad one.

From multimillion dollar fast food chains to street sellers in every nook and corner of the world — everyone experiments with this classic creation. Those in the business can tell that this deceivingly simple dish is one tough cookie to perfect.

When it fails, it fails miserably. But when it succeeds, it can be a life-altering experience.