Pancake Day: 8 Unusual New Toppings To Try Out This Year |

Pancake Day: 8 Unusual New Toppings To Try Out This Year

Mix up the classics with something a bit different

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5 February 2022

Pancake Day UAE

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Shrove Tuesday is nearly here!

And if you haven’t given any thought of the serious matter of what you’re going to put on your pancakes, it’s time.

The classic lemon and sugar combination is fine, Nutella and whipped cream will always be delicious, and you can never go wrong with some chopped strawberries. But why limit ourselves to the usual options when there are infinite possibilities?

Here are eight more unusual but still delicious toppings you should try this Pancake Day 2022

If you can’t decide between a full English breakfast or a bowl of muesli, then you can just combine them both on top of a pancake this morning. This sweet and savoury combination is the perfect way to start your Shrove Tuesday.

2. Citrus And Ricotta

Take the classic sugar and lemon recipe to the next level with these ricotta and lemon pancakes. It adds extra zest and fluffiness to the original, and will mean your pancakes are on par with some the top bakers out there.

The healthier option for Pancake Day doesn’t have to be boring – add some crunch to your creations by sprinkling pumpkin and sunflower seeds on top. It’s the perfect match for vegan pancakes but will definitely please every palate.

4. Cookie Dough

Everyone loves pancakes, and everyone loves cookie dough – so why not put them together? Instead of sprinkling chocolate chips on top of your stack of pancakes, put cookie dough on top instead. Just make sure it’s the type of cookie dough that’s suitable for eating raw and you’re good to go.

Few fruits don’t go well with pancakes. If you want to try something a bit more experimental than your run-of-the-mill berries, try passion fruit and kumquat. This will give your pancakes a more tropical feel, and you’ll love the tang from the passion fruit.

If you can’t be bothered to bake a full pie, transform your pancakes into something like the real deal with an apple and cinnamon topping. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the last bite of winter before spring arrives.

Add a Japanese twist to your pancakes with a sprinkle of matcha tea on top. With its intense flavour and vibrant colour, matcha powder is the ultimate ingredient for all the tea lovers – and it goes perfectly with a strong cuppa.

If you don’t have too much of a sweet tooth you don’t have to miss out on Shrove Tuesday. Chicken and waffles is a totally legit combination so there’s no reason by chicken pancakes won’t work too. Top with crispy buttermilk fried chicken and a maple glaze for an indulgent dinner to end the day on a high.