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Pancake Day: 8 Unusual New Toppings To Try Out This Year

Posted on

5 February 2022

Pancake Day UAE

Shrove Tuesday is nearly here!

And if you haven’t given any thought of the serious matter of what you’re going to put on your pancakes, it’s time.

The classic lemon and sugar combination is fine, Nutella and whipped cream will always be delicious, and you can never go wrong with some chopped strawberries. But why limit ourselves to the usual options when there are infinite possibilities?

Here are eight more unusual but still delicious toppings you should try this Pancake Day 2022

Where to Celebrate Pancake Day in Dubai

Posted on

10 February 2020

Dubai's Best Pancakes: Where to Celebrate Shrove Tuesday 2020

It's almost World Pancake Day! Here's where to celebrate the flipping delicious occasion in Dubai...

This February 25, 2020 is Shrove Tuesday or World Pancake Day, meaning UAE residents have the ultimate excuse to indulge in a delightful stack of fluffy pancakes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

If you'd rather let someone else handle all the batter whipping and hotcake flipping, Dubai is full of fantastic places to enjoy Shrove Tuesday.

10 Sweet and Simple Pancake Fillings

Posted on

19 February 2017

10 simple pancake fillings

Pancakes are loved by everyone, young or old. There's a 100 different ways you can eat them. Some prefer them sweet while some like them savoury.

Whatever your piece of (pan)cake, our regular contributor Liz Robb has you covered to ensure you enjoy a full stack this Shrove Tuesday!

So bring out your whips and griddle pans, make yourself a nice big stack of fluffly pancakes and let us show you 10 easy but delicious suggestions for sweet fillings or toppings to add to your traditional pancakes...

This Is What Pancakes Look Like In 10 Different Countries

Posted on

9 February 2017

Pancakes around the world

Nothing beats the satisfaction of waking up to the sizzle of hot batter in a pan. The sight of fresh-off-the-griddle pancakes is filling enough make you happy on a crappy morning and that is the case - everywhere around the world.

A little history lesson reveals pancakes are actually the staple Palaeolithic fast food. It''s almost impossible to track down the countless ways it's eaten in different parts of the world.