There’s Now An Actual Cookbook with Cheetos-Loaded Recipes |

There’s Now An Actual Cookbook with Cheetos-Loaded Recipes

ICYMI: There was a pop-up Cheetos restaurant too.

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21 August 2017

Cheetos cookbook and recipes

Rihanna LOVES Hot Cheetos, Kim K ate them all the time (when she was expecting son, Saint West), Selena Gomez always keeps them in her vanity van and Katy Perry even dresses up like one – but none of these high-profile girls is the reason why the world is obsessed with Cheetos.

It’s the orange-tainting, finger-licking, melt-in-your-mouth goodness that makes Cheetos more than just a snack.

As if our obsession wasn’t evident enough, the much-loved chips got a very gourmet upgrade with a pop-up restaurant in NYC named, The Spotted Cheetah.

Now, before you start planning a trip to New York, there's a bad news and a good news.

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The Bad News

The pop-up restaurant headed by chef Anne Burrell, came, delivered and went away, leaving a bunch of New Yorkers awed, and the rest of the world disappointed.

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The Good News

Anne Burrell’s Cheetos-loaded menu is now an actual online cookbook that you can download. The Spotted Cheetah cookbook is a holy grail for all Cheetos fans out there.

From traditional dishes such as Flamin' Hot Cheetos Mac n' Cheese to the Cheetos-rimmed glass of tomato soup and even meatballs, it has it all. And if that's not enough, you can try your hands on the dessert menu that includes cheesecake crusted with Sweetos, the Cheetos-cinnamon sugar pops, and apple-filled crepes made with White Cheddar Cheetos.

You can download the online cookbook here

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