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7 Healthy Alternative Treats for Easter

Swap chocolate for a guilt-free carrot cake and vegan cream eggs

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14 March 2023

Healthy Easter treats alternatives

In spring the shops are stocked with chocolate eggs, sweets and indulgent treats in preparation for Easter.

And as much as we love to treat ourselves to chocolate bunnies and creme eggs, they’re high in fats and sugars that aren’t good for us or our families.

But, Easter doesn’t have to be a chocolate holiday as there are plenty of healthy alternatives that are fun to try and still festive. Although a granola Easter egg may not sound as appetising, it’s surprisingly tasty, as you can also opt for a healthier version of carrot cake: vegan creme eggs and strawberry carrots!

Kids will love to make Easter egg breakfast pops and might even eat their fruit if it’s cut in cute bunny shapes, as these healthy recipes are for the whole family to try and enjoy.

Whether you’re planning an Easter themed party or you’re looking for a chocolate Easter egg alternative, these healthy treats are sure to please both the health-conscious and the kids! Not only are they kid-friendly, but there's also gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options too.

So here are healthy Easter treats we can’t wait to make. Goodbye to the chocolate egg!

1. Easter Egg Breakfast Pops

If don’t want your kids indulging on chocolate on Easter morning, then these fun Easter egg breakfast pops make a good alternative. With a super simple recipe that the kids can join in with, these tasty egg-shaped pops are full of yoghurt, granola and blueberries.

2. Easter Shaped Fruit

If you’re going to be healthy then you need to get creative! It may sound simple but cute bunny shaped fruit might actually persuade your child to eat the healthy stuff they often want to avoid or it might just get you in the Easter spirit –without the chocolate you regret eating!

3. Strawberry Carrots

Although this recipe uses candy, you can dip your strawberries in yoghurt with natural orange food colouring or allow yourself a small treat; after all you’re still eating strawberries –right?! Theses dipped strawberries make a great feature on your Easter table and they’re seriously easy to make.

4. Granola Easter Egg

It’s not fair for the super health-conscious to miss out an Easter egg, as this yummy and nutritious alternative still lets you join in on the spring festivities. It’s loaded with protein and fibre, but also has a sweet crunch to it.

5. Healthier Carrot Cake

Grain-free and gluten-free these healthier carrot cupcakes are the perfect Easter treat, for fewer calories. You can drizzle them lightly with vegan cream cheese to be extra healthy, as this by the tastiest healthy Easter sweet.

6. Slimming World Mini Egg Sponge Cake

If cake is your weakness, but you’re trying to consume fewer calories this Easter, then this is the recipe for you. With less syns this cake is for the dieters in the family who don’t want to miss out on dessert, it’s a healthier option but there are still a couple of mini eggs, it is Easter after all!

7. Vegan Creme Eggs

For Easter fun and still clean eating, these vegan cream eggs are perfect. The paleo treat is raw, gluten-free, grain-free and free from unrefined sugars, but still tastes amazing. It’s not the easiest recipe to follow, but that’s all part of the fun and they’re definitely worth it in the end.