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UAE Protects Public Health with New Genetically Modified Food Law

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16 June 2019

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UAE Protects Public with New Genetically Modified Food Law

In a recent development to the UAE’s standards on community safety, a new law was passed to ensure that the public health is safeguarded and that food products adhere to rigorous evaluation.

The Federal Law on Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms is designed to protect the public health and the environment.

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This Is What Happened When A Carnivore, A Vegetarian And A Flexitarian Tried Joe Wicks’ Veg Cookbook

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28 January 2019

Joe Wicks’ Veg Cookbook

Fitness coach Joe Wicks and his Lean In 15 cookery books are, undoubtedly, a phenomenon.

Creator of the 90 Day Plan, Wicks, aka The Body Coach, is known for his curly locks, popular HIIT Instagram videos, and generally encouraging people to change their bodies and lifestyles without going hungry.