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This Mom Came Up With A Genius Way To Make Her Kid Eat Healthy

This is genius!

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29 March 2017

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Cartoon Inspired Kid's Food

How far would you go to make your kid eat a healthy breakfast? Certainly not far enough than Laleh Mohamedi — the Melbourne mum who has made a career out of it.

It all started when, in an effort to make her three-year-old son eat some breakfast, Mohamedi transformed his pancakes into a lion. Her ingenuity went viral — giving her the idea to create Jacob Food Diaries’ Instagram account.

Today, Mohamedi and her son Jacob are world famous for their mind-blowing cartoon character inspired food sculptures. They have been interviewed by famous online magazines; they’ve been invited on famous TV shows and have garnered 80k+ followers on Instagram.

And that’s not all. Ms Mohmedi left her full-time career in recruitment to become a food stylist for restaurants and film production companies including Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

According to Laleh, the idea behind these fun food creations is to inspire her mothers as all her meals are made from unprocessed, preservative-free and sugar-free ingredients.

Surprisingly, these extraordinary work of art takes as much time as preparing a regular meal. "It wouldn't take any longer than say preparing for a hot meal. The way to save time would be — say I'm cooking a sauce, I'd be preparing the features for the face and the body while the hot element is cooking, she told abc news "

But that doesn't mean her son doesn't eat regular meals. "I'd be crazy if I did every meal, my son eats sandwiches and normal food," Lelah confessed in the written interview.

The two share a great time together while preparing these stunning treats. These cooking sessions also gave her a good chance to teach Jacob about healthy eating and useful ingredients. From popular Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Lion King and Angry Birds to famous icons like David Bowie and Micheal Jackson — the mother-son duo has created them all.

Their Instagram account is a curated feast of cartoon characters, pop culture icons and whimsical creatures from Mohmedi's imaginations.

In Lelah's opinion, a potato is the most versatile of all veggies. She often uses kale, chia seeds, vegetable leafs and fruits to enhance her creations.

Pictured here: Lelah Mohamedi with her son, Jacob.