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Japanese Have The Most Creative Way To Eat Yoghurt

It's an art of the best kind.

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29 March 2017

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Yoghurt Art Trend

Think sushi is the only Japanese dish you want to eat? You’re wrong. Japanese have a new food trend that you‘d definitely want in your daily diet. It's called yoghurt art.

The trend is all about garnishing a bowl of yoghurt till it’s so photogenic that you’d actually want a selfie with it.

Food connoisseurs all over the world are experimenting with cute little drawings and patterns to show their creative side — on a bowl of yoghurt.

Unlike people taking baths in Mac n Cheese and eating unicorn food — this trend is healthy to eat, easy to make and pretty amazing to look at. The yoghurt art has become so popular that chefs are actually teaching it as a relaxation therapy in various beginners to expert classes.

Yoghurt art: Tips and tricks

Guess what's the best part about yoghurt art?

There is literally nothing to cook. It's all upto your imaginations and some basic ingredients such as chia seeds, jams, coloured rice, fruit cubes to name a few.

The trick to creating a perfect piece of art is to use a dish one to three centimetres deep. This way your garnishing wouldn't sink in the yoghurt. Another tip is to stir the yoghurt well with a spoon to get a smooth texture before putting up the fancy stuff.

If this trend has inspired you to experiment with your breakfast then we suggest you start with solid vegetable and fruit cubes as they don’t sink easily. If you want to go up a notch then play with some sauces to write a cute note or to simply create a complex character.

Also, check out some amazing inspirations from Instagram.

Nothing Japanese is complete without a Hello Kitty mascot.

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Some artistic minds are using florals to amp up their breakfast bowl.

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Others are creating their favourite childhood characters.

Some Instagrammers have taken things to a whole new level of creativity

There is a Frozen-themed yoghurt bowl too!