These Edible Bottles Will Change The Way You Drink Water |

These Edible Bottles Will Change The Way You Drink Water

No, they're not Jell-O shots.

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15 April 2017

Ooho! Edible Water Bottles

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We know what you’re thinking. How can these squishy silicon-like balls store water? But Ooho! (yes, you have no alternative but to be shocked) will change the whole perception of drinking water from a bottle.

Ooho! is a biodegradable and edible water capsule made from seaweed. This amazing innovation is currently under trial run but luckily, it has grabbed the mainstream attention resulting in over £500,000 in a crowdfunding campaign.

These water capsules are a brainchild of Shipping Rocks Lab, the company founded by three London-based design students. The start-up company hopes to save the environment from millions of plastic bottles thrown away every year.

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These water capsules look a lot more fun than our regular plastic containers. And luckily, they are cute enough to eat.

Drinking water from these capsules is easy too. You simply tear a hole in the surface and gulp the insides out or just pop it in your mouth — no plastic trash, no lost caps.

Shipping Rocks has created Ooho balls in different sizes — mostly small so that people can consume them in one go. The outer part of the capsule is tasteless but flavours can be added too.

The product is ideal for major events like concerts, marathons and rallies.

According to Shipping Rocks, these balls are cheaper to produce too. A block of ice is dipped in a solution of calcium chloride and brown algae, and the membrane forms around it. People can peel off the outer layer to keep the exterior clean for consumption.

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Watch this video to understand the science behind Ooho! water capsules.