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30 September 2012



Graveyard Snacks


10oz. Hummus
6 hard boiled eggs
5 square crackers
1 bag pretzels
3 stalks of celery with leaves
4 broccoli florets
black olives
Edible marker


  • Spread the hummus on a tray so that it is two inches thick
  • Use the pretzels to create a fence for the graveyard
  • Stick the celery and broccoli into the humus as trees
  • Use the edible marker to transform the crackers into tomb stones
  • Cut out the pieces of egg and use the olives to create ghost faces for the eggs
  • Place the egg ghosts in the hummus graveyard.
Cooks Note

This can be made on the morning of Hallowe'en and be refrigerated until needed.

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