Grilled Beef Short Rib Marinated with Soy Sauce |

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17 September 2012


James Kang, Chef in Sonamu, Asiana Hotel

Grilled Beef Short Rib Marinated with Soy Sauce


Beef Short ribs - 1kg
Soy sauce - 1 cup
Sugar - 0.7 cup
Glucose syrup - 0.3 cup
Water - 3 cup
Pear- 200g
Onion - 100g
Garlic - some
Ginger juice - 100g
Apple - 200g
Ground Black Pepper - 2g
Sesame Seed - 12g
Sesame Oil - 45g
Leek - 100g
Dry chili - 50g


  • 1/3 to 1/4 inch thick meat sliced across the bone, so 3 bones are in one piece
  • Remove the fat and skin. Then divide each bone
  • Slice the meat
  • Make a knife track for marinade
  • Marinated sauce: 1cup sauce, 0.7cup sugar, glucose syrup 0.3cup, 3cup water
  • In a food processor, add and grounded, Pear, onion, garlic, ginger juice, apple
  • In a big bowl, mixture all, and add sesame oil, sesame seed, pepper, leek and dry chili
  • Marinate beef overnight.
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