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4 November 2012


Jennifer Potter

Jen's Chees-y Lamb-y Dish

Jen's Chees-y Lamb-y Dish


Large lamb shoulder or 1/2 a leg of lamb
Tub of fresh Mushrooms
Curry powder
Salt & pepper to season
1/2 litre white sauce
6 slices buttered breed
2 Tomatoes
I block cheese- grated for the topping


  • Cook the lamb well seasoned in 1 inch of water for 1.5 hours at 200C
  • After it's ready trim the fat and place bite sized pieces of the lamb in a casserole dish- you can use scissors for this :)
  • Slice the mushrooms and mix in with the lamb
  • Mix a pinch of curry powder into the white sauce for an extra zing!
  • Pour the white sauce over the lamb and mushrooms
  • Butter 6 slices of breaed and cut up into 2inch squares
  • Sprinkle these on the top of the mixture
  • Grate cheese on top of bread
  • Place sliced tomatoes round the edge
  • return to over
  • Cook until hot all the way through and the top is browned and crispy
Cooks Note

Serve with potato wedges or rice and vegetables

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