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List of Licensed Alcohol Stores in the UAE: Where to Buy Liquor

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26 July 2023

Where to buy alcohol in Dubai and the UAE

Your guide to the UAE's liquor stores.

Whether you're looking for a bottle to take to a friend's or to stock up at home for your next dinner party, you'll get much more out of a trip to one of the alcohol shops in Dubai and the UAE with their carefully curated selections and knowledgeable staff.

There are only a select few regulated liquor stores in the UAE where you can legally purchase alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol Updates in Dubai: Officials Remove 30% Tax and Alcohol Licences Are Free

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1 January 2023

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Dubai Municipality removes 30 per cent tax on all alcohol sales

Cheers! The tax suspension on all alcohol sales is effective from January 1 until the end of 2023.

Dubai Municipality has announced a one-year trial period removing the 30% tax on all sales of alcoholic beverages, from January 1 until December 31 for 2023, reported Caterer Middle East.