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5 “I’m Running Late” Breakfasts You Can Cook In A Mug

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19 January 2017

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All you need to do is toss the ingredients in a mug, give it a good stir and pop it into the microwave and voila! You’ve made yourself a fulfilling meal to kick-start your day. 

From cheesy to healthy, these 6 single serving breakfast recipes will fill your belly in no time!
1. 2-Minute Omelette In a Mug 
 2-Minute Omelette In a Mug

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Review: Afternoon Tea at Hummingbird Bakery

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5 May 2016

Afternoon tea at Hummingbird Bakery

Have you ever had a strong craving for sweets that you literally drool at the thought of red velvet cupcakes or chocolate brownies? I have.

I was a bit stressed last week and you know what they say about stressed, it's desserts spelled backwards; that was probably the reason why I was having these sweet and sugary thoughts.

The craving was too strong to be ignored, so I decided to call up my friend to join me in for a coffee and cupcakes.

Indulge With A Hummingbird Cupcake And Hot Drink For Just 25 Dhs

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27 February 2016

Hummingbird Bakery Coffee and Cupcake Offer

We all know we're supposed to eat a good, nutrition-filled breakfast that will help us kick-start our day with the most energy and best mood going.

But what if we told you, you could indulge a little with your daily dose of caffeine and some sugar for just 25 Dhs?

Every Sunday to Wednesday, the guys at Hummingbird Bakery are offering this pretty special deal.

Treat Your Bestie To A Customised Hummingbird Cupcake

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25 February 2016

Friends enjoying a Hummingbird Bakery Cupcake

When it comes to cupcakes, you either share the joy or secretly indulge in all of them by yourself.

But next time you're in the mood to devour two cupcakes on your own (impressive!), head to Hummingbird Bakery and get an extra hand-decorated, customised cupcake FREE... Which, might we point out, would make a superbly tasty surprise for your bestie.

If you head to their Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall or Citywalk outlets on a Tuesday, you'll walk away with three beautifully delicious and drool-worthy cupcakes.

A Lazy Girl's Guide to Fixing Cake Cravings

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22 March 2015

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Being a foodie is not easy. I'm always torn between wanting to eat healthy and staying away from sugar forever. Another option and the most feasible one so far is to give in to the dark side and stuff my face silly with cake. Always, the latter wins because who would not want to eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner? 

I discovered the wonderful world of microwaving a cake batter for a minute and a half and a magical moist chocolate cake will appear. In my astonishment they always fill into that gaping hole that a bad cake craving inflicts upon my sugar hungry soul. 

5 Cake Wrecks That Will Leave You Howling With Laughter

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12 February 2014

5 Best Cake Wrecks Ever

We've all had a baking disaster at one point; be it on our journey as a budding cake baker, or even a kid's birthday party organiser... And as disastrous as it may have been, we're sure you saw the funny side of things.

In celebration of all things cake-fail, blog Cake Wrecks proudly displays baking mishaps so bad that your end dessert probably didn't look so bad in hindsight.