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3 Healthy Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives To Give You A Morning Boost

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21 May 2017

3 Healthy Vegan Milk Alternatives To Dairy

For those who’ve grown up hating the idea of drinking full-fat dairy milk — we feel (and share) your pain. Allergies, acne, oily skin and lactose intolerance, the dairy-struggle is REAL.

While dairy milk is an excellent source of calcium and protein, it also comes with some serious calories and side-effects, especially for adults.

Thankfully, there are now tonnes of vegan milk choices to dip your cereals in. Non-dairy milk options are on the rise as health-conscious people are opting for ultra-healthy, satisfying plant foods.

10 Ways Being a Vegan Benefits Your Health

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17 January 2016

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10 Ways Being a Vegan Benefits Your Health

Traditionally, vegans - people who do not use, consume, or sometimes even wear animal products - were misunderstood as fringe eaters or alternative lifestyle freaks with an unnatural passion for animal rights, but the demographic of vegans and vegetarians is changing. A Hartman Group study found that 12% of Millennials are “faithful vegetarians”, compared to 4% of Gen X’ers and 1% of Baby-Boomers. In recent generations the percentage of vegetarians and vegans has steadily increased, with more and more regular folks, and not just token celebrities, embracing the lifestyle.