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These Spoon-Shaped Potato Fries Are Perfect For Dipping

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20 July 2022

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Heinz potato spoon fries in the UAE

Whether they’re fries, frites or chips – the golden, crunchy, yet soft potato sticks are loved all over the world.

Being the universal treat they are, each culture has its own take on the recipe, however, what isn’t up for debate, is that French fries without sauce can be boring.

According to a global study from Heinz, nine in 10 of us simply refuse to eat one without the other.

How To Cook Perfect Restaurant-Style French Fries

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24 June 2017

How To Cook Perfect Restaurant-Style French Fries

Bad days are best forgotten over a hot basket of French fries.

These heavenly deep-fried potatoes are God's way of telling his chosen people to kick back and have some unapologetic FUN.

Although the origin of the fry is somewhat of a mystery (they’re definitely not French), their presence in the culinary world is a fine example of quintessential fast food. From the smallest take-outs to Michelin-star restaurants, there’s hardly any place that can survive without them.