These Spoon-Shaped Potato Fries Are Perfect For Dipping |

These Spoon-Shaped Potato Fries Are Perfect For Dipping

Attention, french fry lovers! These potato spoons will let you dip in to even more of your favourite sauces

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20 July 2022

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Heinz potato spoon fries in the UAE

Whether they’re fries, frites or chips – the golden, crunchy, yet soft potato sticks are loved all over the world.

Being the universal treat they are, each culture has its own take on the recipe, however, what isn’t up for debate, is that French fries without sauce can be boring.

According to a global study from Heinz, nine in 10 of us simply refuse to eat one without the other.

This year, during National Fries Day, the company introduced a new line of french fries dubbed the ‘Heinz Spoon Friez’ - potatoes fries shaped as a traditional spoon, these fries will let you scoop more of your favourite sauces.

Heinz Spoon Friez in the UAE

So, whichever sauce you prefer, whether it's the classic tomato ketchup or a fancy truffle mayonnaise, the new spoon fries will allow you to enjoy more.

Rovini Illukkumbura, Local Brand Manager at Heinz, said: "We believe our sauce superfans have been suffering in silence for too long. There is a lot of love out there for French Fries and even more for our iconic sauces, so it only seemed right that we explored a solution in time for National Fries Day. From their freshly cooked mouth-watering scent to their fluffy innards – we’re confident that our humble fried potato will have a soft spot in many hungry hearts."

At this moment in time, Heinz Spoon Friez have only entered initial stages of development, a price nor timeline has been set defining when and if it will become available.

For now, the spoon-shaped potato fries are only available a limited edition product to be won through their social media page. We can't wait for these fries to hit the shelves!