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These Spoon-Shaped Potato Fries Are Perfect For Dipping

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20 July 2022

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Heinz potato spoon fries in the UAE

Whether they’re fries, frites or chips – the golden, crunchy, yet soft potato sticks are loved all over the world.

Being the universal treat they are, each culture has its own take on the recipe, however, what isn’t up for debate, is that French fries without sauce can be boring.

According to a global study from Heinz, nine in 10 of us simply refuse to eat one without the other.

McDonald's Partnered With BTS on a New Celebrity Meal in the UAE

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19 April 2021

BTS McDonald's meal in the UAE

The fast-food giant began its celebrity meals in 1992 with Michael Jordan’s 'McJordan' burger.

South Korean superstars BTS have partnered with McDonald’s to launch the band’s favourite order from Tuesday, June 1 in the UAE.

The meal will be available in at least 40 countries worldwide, kickstarting on May 26 in the US. The meal will include 10 pieces of chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium drink, and sweet chili and cajun dipping sauces as inspired by South Korea McDonald's recipes.

The World's Most Expensive Burger

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20 June 2017

The World's Most Expensive Burger

The world’s most prestigious burger comes at a whopping cost of £1875 (AED 8,772) and ironically, it doesn’t taste as great as it should.

The infamous burger is the creation of Dutch chef Diego Bui who is unofficially known as the Hamburger King in Netherlands. This monster-looking creation includes some of the rarest ingredients including lobsters, foie gras, gold and of course, truffles.

Dubai Chefs Asked To Reduce Salt & Oil In Restaurant Food

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13 June 2017

Dubai Chefs Asked To Reduce Salt, Oil In Restaurant Food

You may be eating the most organic food items in just the right portion size but the fact is — if you’re eating too much salt, you’re at the risk of obesity.

Keeping this in mind, Dubai Municipality has asked restaurant chefs to keep a check on the salt and oil content in the dishes they prepare. This major step was discussed at the Food Safety Department’s day long workshop conducted for chefs working in food service businesses in the UAE.

This Photo Shows The Real Ingredients In A Nutella Jar

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10 June 2017

Nutella ingredients viral photo

To all those whose love for Nutella borders on addiction – we’ve got some bad news.

A picture recently uploaded on Reddit shows the ingredient breakdown of this world-beloved hazelnut chocolate jar. As disheartening as it is to see, the photo (below) shows the raw form of the hazelnut spreads' main ingredients: palm oil, skim milk powder, cocoa, hazelnuts and sugar.