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Christmas Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Food

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7 November 2020

Christmas Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Food

Here are 18 Christmas gift ideas for home cooks, professional chefs, and people who just love to eat...

Know a foodie? We all do. In some way, we're all "foodies" as we all need to eat every day to survive. But what makes this breed of food-obsessed folks identify as "foodies" is their avid interested in more than just eating. Talk to one and they'll have the best recommendations for restaurants, stay up to date on the latest food fads, and possess knowledge on the restaurant styles, chefs, quality, and origin of food.

Gourmet Eclairs Are the Newest Gifting Trend in Dubai

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16 November 2017

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Gourmet Éclairs Are the Newest Gifting Trend in Dubai

Eclair, a French-themed and managed producer of the UAE’s finest éclairs, invites you to enjoy its unique culinary selection. The éclairs are freshly produced daily in their eclairium facility in JLT, but can also be savoured at the Éclair boutique in City Walk Boulevard. A dreamy patisserie in the heart of Dubai's happening district, the City Walk outlet is like an art gallery for éclairs, where the delectable French creations are handled with utmost care.