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Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Anyone Who Loves Food

These Christmas gifts are ideal for impressing the foodie in your list

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7 November 2020

Christmas Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Food

Here are 18 Christmas gift ideas for home cooks, professional chefs, and people who just love to eat...

Know a foodie? We all do. In some way, we're all "foodies" as we all need to eat every day to survive. But what makes this breed of food-obsessed folks identify as "foodies" is their avid interested in more than just eating. Talk to one and they'll have the best recommendations for restaurants, stay up to date on the latest food fads, and possess knowledge on the restaurant styles, chefs, quality, and origin of food.

Shopping for the best Christmas present for food lovers might get a bit difficult, especially for those who don't identify as one. What even is a fleur de sel salt?

From fun to functional, we've got your holiday shopping covered with the perfect Christmas gift ideas for any food-lover in your life.

1. A box of sushi socks to keep their feet cozy all winter.

Sushi socks box

2. Know a foodie who loves to keep things organic and home-grown? They'll love an indoor smart garden, perfect for growing herbs and other plants right in the kitchen.

Smart Indoor Herb and Plant Garden

3. For the eco-conscious food lover who wants to reduce their plastic consumption, gift them a set of FDA-approved stainless steel straws.

Stainless Steel Straws

4. A handy cook book, perfect for the casual home cooks or aspiring chefs. It features all the techniques and recipes they'll need.

Where Cooking Begins cookbook

5. Egg-celently adorable, these Japanese sumo wrestler egg holders will actually keep eggs warm for a while longer.

Japanese Sumo Egg Holder

6. May the forks be with you this Dubai Christmas with this witty Star Wars-themed chef hat. Guaranteed to get you lots of laughs!

Star Wars chef hat

7. An honest, unisex tee that will do the talking on why they're spending 80% of the Christmas party by the dinner table. The other 20% is in the kitchen for behind-the-scenes research.

Just Here For the Food T-Shirt Unisex

8. Your friend won't have to spend a ton of money to make quality coffee at home, thanks to a pour-over coffee maker that will help make delicious cafe-quality coffee right in their kitchen.

Pour-over coffee maker

9. This Christmas, give them a handy meal planning pad that will help food lovers plan their next gourmet adventure for the week. You can spot these at stationary shops in major shopping malls in Dubai.

Knock Knock What To Eat Pad

10. How about a copy of "Nothing Fancy", ideal for nailing dinner with unfussy food and the permission to be imperfect. We love that it's a recipe book for not just dinner, but for life.

Nothing Fancy cookbook

11. Might we suggest a lovely set of delicately designed cherry blossom bowls and chopsticks for their ramen nights?

Japanese Handcrafted Cherry Blossom Bowl and Chopsticks Set

12. A super gift for their Christmas cake plans, a set of piping tips and other pastry styling tools will help them create stunning dessert decorations.

Russian Piping Tips and Cake Decorating Set

13. A set of gorgeous marble patterned coasters that might just encourage guests to use them for Christmas drinks.

Marble Pattern Coasters

14. An adjustable bamboo cookbook stand for easy, hands-free referencing while cooking, so they can focus more on the food and avoid messing up Christmas dinner.

Bamboo cookbook holder

15. Some seriously shatterproof stemless wine glasses that are great for an accident-free Christmas dinner at home.

Shatterproof Wine Glass

16. Anyone who loves food will know there are very few snacks that would suffer from a coat of melted cheese or chocolate. Gift them a fondue set for the perfect night of fondue, wine, and Christmas flicks to stream.

Christmas Fondue Set

17. A master chef who's ready to face the Christmas horde should look the part. They'll adore a Game of Thrones-inspired apron - even the Stark wolf has his own little kitchen hat!

Game of Thrones Dinner is Coming Apron

18. For the foodie with a sense of humour, you can also gift them a good laugh with a pair of witty oven mitts.

Droppin A New Recipe Oven Mitts