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5 Easy Ways to Get More Protein Into Your Diet (Without Eating Meat)

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10 February 2022

Vegan protein sources

High-protein diets are everywhere right now.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, model Emily Ratajkowski and actress Kate Upton have all counted a high-fat ketogenic diet, rich in protein, as one of the ways to keep their famous figures in shape.

As well as aiding weight loss and helping to build lean muscle, eating protein is pretty important for your health: it can help you to feel more energetic and fuller for longer, as well as supporting bone health and assisting hormone production.

3 Sustainable and Interesting Fish to Start Cooking and Eating – According to Nathan Outlaw

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27 May 2019

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3 Sustainable and Interesting Fish to Start Cooking and Eating

Chef Nathan Outlaw grew up like a lot of us, associating fish with the stuff that came battered with chips and vinegar on the side.

Since those days, he’s gone on to establish the only dedicated seafood restaurant in the UK to have a prestigious two Michelin stars, Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Port Isaac, Cornwall.

If you want to move in his direction and be more adventurous and sustainable with your next fish supper, try cooking and eating one of these, says Outlaw…

Kefir Grains in Dubai and UAE: A Guide

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31 January 2019

Where to find kefir in Dubai

They’re commonly sought after on our forum, but finding kefir grains in Dubai isn’t as difficult as you’d think…

Kefir is a cultured, fermented beverage that tastes a great deal like a yoghurt drink. It’s made using ‘starter’ grains – just like sourdough bread has a ‘starter’.

The starter for kefir is a combination of yeasts, milk proteins and bacteria. It has a tart, creamy flavour and is loaded with pro-biotic health benefits.